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Challenging 16.7 km

Utö is a hiker’s dream.


Here you find everything the entire trail has to offer in a micro format. A small community, a bustling summer spot, rocky outcrops, wetlands, gravel roads, technical trails, the sea and tranquility.


The path along the eastern coast is not to be missed.

Section Utö is a challenging section that has everything.

This 16,7 km long section is like the entire Stockholm Archipelago Trail condensed into one section. You get to experience a vibrant community and wild nature. It’s a hike where you encounter Swedish cultural history. You walk on everything from open gravel roads to winding forest paths to technical trails in a rocky environment. You meet people, and you feel a total absence of people. You will meet the open sea and the sun on the east side.

You will feel it in your soul.

How to hike the section?

The section starts either at Gruvbryggan, where you will find shops, the Inn, and restaurants. All services on Utö are available there. Alternatively, you can get off at Spränga Brygga, where there are no services, and go directly on to the trail from there.

We highly recommend walking the section counterclockwise if you plan to walk it in its entirety. That way, you get to experience everything.

The stages Utö, Ålö, Rånö, and Nåttarö fit together very well. You can also add Fjärdlång and Landsort to these four.

Trail markings

Follow the trail marked with ribbons and arrows where blue represents the sea, the yellow represents the sun, and a reflecting center line represents the shimmering horizon. This also makes the trail visible in the light of a headlamp.

The marking of the trail is done in one direction, either clockwise or anti-clockwise according to “How to hike the section?”. Where it is obvious where you should walk the marking is sporadic, where it is unclear or at intersections the marking is much closer together. If you do not see a marking continue straight on the path you are on or check out your position in the digital map.

Accessibility on the trail

On Utö, there are several sections where you can get around with a stroller or a wheelchair or if you have limited mobility. From Gruvbryggan, you can head north along the gravel road, either all the way to Kroka or to Barnens bad. There, the beach access is easy and the water is very shallow.

You can also go directly east, past the Inn and the mine holes to Rävstavik, where you have a fine view of the sea. At Rävstavik it is more difficult to access the water. In both these places, you cross the trail.

From Spränga, you can follow the trail south to the wetlands and experience the vibrant nature there.

Usual questions about the Utö section

If you go up the hill from Gruvbryggan, past the Inn towards Rävstavik, you will reach the most technical section. It goes north along the eastern coast on the yellow/blue trail to Kroka.

During the summer, a fantastic sushi chef works in the harbor café at Gruvbryggan. It is well worth a detour!

We strongly suggest that you wear wool socks on this trail section. It is a technical trail and your foot will move a lot in your shoe. The wool sock will prevent you from getting blisters.

About Utö

Utö is an island in the southern Stockholm archipelago, on the edge of the outer archipelago, in Haninge Municipality. It has a population of about 250 permanent residents and attracts nearly 70,000 visitors annually.

The island’s first permanent residents settled in the 6th century, and by the 12th century, it became crucial for Sweden’s iron ore supply. Iron ore was mined on the island for almost 700 years, and today, water-filled mining shafts stand as a testament to that bygone era.

Before Midsummer and after mid-August, you’ll have more or less the whole island to yourself.

In modern times, Utö is renowned as the birthplace of the sport Swimrun and for its beautiful nature. Utö’s picturesque environment and stunning landscapes are well-preserved due to a large portion of the island being a nature reserve owned and managed by the Archipelago Foundation.

Plan your trip

You can travel to Utö from Årsta Brygga all year round.

During the summer, you can also take the North/South ferry line and you can travel from Stockholm City via Saltsjöbaden and Dalarö. Search for Gruvbryggan or Spränga Brygga in Google’s travel planner below.

Eat, sleep and do on Utö

On Utö, you will find a wide range of accommodations, dining options, and activities.

Utö Värdshus offers various levels of lodging, and there are cabins available for rent. In Gruvbyn, there are several restaurants and a quaint bakery.

Utö is known for its outdoor activities and welcoming atmosphere. For different ideas, visit Explorearchipelago and Utö.se.

The right of public access – an obligation when venturing into nature

In Sweden we have a common law called “The Right of public access”. It is fantastic to have the freedom to roam but it comes with obligations. The existence of the Stockholm Archipelago Trail is solely thanks to the goodwill of all landowners. In nature, we respect all people, all animals, and all protected areas. We leave only footprints behind and we take only memories with us.

Please take whatever garbage you generate back to the mainland where waste management works and is available. On the islands it is expensive and complicated. Please use public toilets or make sure that there is no trace left behind.

From March to September, dogs must always be kept on a leash.

Respect fire bans and absolutely do not light fires on the rocks. They crack.

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