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About Stockholm Archipelago Trail

Not many know that within a few hours from Stockholm City there is a new world made up of more than 30 000 islands. An area with a strong cultural heritage with a varied and unique nature. This is the Stockholm Archipelago. On the trail every island will offer you an experience that will be engraved in your soul.

Stockholm Archipelago Trail engraved in your soul

Stockholm Archipelago Trail is a unique hiking trail through the Stockholm Archipelago. A trail that connects our past with our future. We move along paths that have been walked for hundreds of years. The islands in the Stockholm Archipelago are riddled with paths and trails, some lead somewhere and some lead nowhere. The sections are created by tying together existing trails, either made by humans or animals. Some are used today, some were used hundreds of years ago.

A total of about 270 km of trails where you as a visitor can travel between the hiking sections with the existing public ferry network. Stockholm Archipelago Trail is something new. Not only do you move between the sections by boat, you also can reach the different sections from various places on the mainland and from other islands.

You can choose to spend a day at the time on the trail or up to two weeks for the full experience. You can choose to do it the hard-core way and camp in the existing campsites or stay at cosy hotels and inns along the way. Whatever you choose you will go home with new horizons.

The purpose of the trail is to care for the the sensitive nature in the archipelago by managing the flow of people on the islands to create order. To highlight the culture and to create possibilities for more to subside in the archipelago.

The authority for Stockholm Archipelago Trail is “Stockholm Business Region” through Stockholm Archipelago, a partnership organisation for the Stockholm Archipelago.

Stockholm Archipelago is since 2014 a partnership organisation for the eight Stockholm Archipelago municipalities, The Archipelago Foundation, Region Stockholm and the County Administration. “Stockholm Archipelago Trail” is financed by The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

For questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Islands likely included in the final Stockholm Archipelago Trail

Arholma, Lidö, Furusund, Blidö, Yxlan, Finnhamn, Ingmarsö, Brottö, Svartsö, Möja, Sandhamn, Grinda, Runmarö, Nämdö, Ornö, Fjärdlång, Utö, Ålö, Rånö, Nåttarö, Landsort