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Easy 12 km

Section Rånö is not a technical hike. It is a very likable hike with open forests, beaches, swimming coves and open spaces.


Rånö surprises.

About the section

The Rånö section is perfect for those who prefer easier terrain, as you can walk most of the section on a slightly hilly gravel road.

There are some trail options that take you through beautiful forests and that can extend the section if you are feeling creative.

How to hike the section?

Rånö offers different experiences depending on what you are looking for. When you disembark at the pier, you will quickly reach the convenience store and restaurant, which is the heart of Rånö. Here, you can choose whether to head north along the gravel road or to the west.

If you go west, you will quickly (1.1 km) reach the holiday village Knicksand, delightful swimming coves with cliffs, and a sandy beach facing Mysingen. If you head right, northward, you will come to a place where you can choose to walk on a trail or along the gravel road past the campground. This is the quickest route to the gems north of Rånö Gård.

Rånö is full of surprises.

The sections on Utö, Ålö, Rånö, and Nåttarö fit very well together.

Trail markings

Follow the trail marked with ribbons and arrows where blue represents the sea, the yellow represents the sun, and a reflecting center line represents the shimmering horizon. This also makes the trail visible in the light of a headlamp.

The marking of the trail is done in one direction, either clockwise or anti-clockwise according to “How to hike the section?”. Where it is obvious where you should walk the marking is sporadic, where it is unclear or at intersections the marking is much closer together. If you do not see a marking continue straight on the path you are on or check out your position in the digital map.

Accessibility on the section

On Rånö, there are some options if you have a stroller, limited mobility, or if you are in a wheelchair.

From the pier, it is a little over a kilometer to the western side facing Mysingen, along a gravel road. There, you will find the holiday village and magical views.

It is possible to get around the entire island on gravel roads. The northwest side is somewhat hilly with coarse gravel in some places.

Usual questions about the section

You can reach Rånö by taking the Waxholm ferry from Nynäshamn. The ferry goes via Nåttarö and Aspö, then continues to Ålö after Rånö, before returning. During the summer, the North/South line (Nord/sydlinjen) also follows the same route.

Already in late July, but especially in August and September, a lot of mushrooms grow on Rånö. According to the Right of Public Access, you are allowed to pick them. You will likely have the most success along the trail section north of Rånö Gård and on the alternative trail before the campground on the eastern side.

In the holiday village at Knicksand, the view over Mysingen is fantastic. You can stay there, but you need to book in advance here.

The campground is located on the other side of the island, with views over Ålösund and to the east. It is very nice.

All services can be found 100 meters after you get off the Waxholm ferry.

About Rånö

Rånö is a slightly hilly island in the Haninge Municipality with forests, cliffs, and beautiful sandy beaches. The island features about 50 Russian baking ovens from the Russian raids in the 18th century. In the autumn, you can find plenty of mushrooms on the island.

A few families live on Rånö year-round. An interesting fact is that in the early 1900s, the island was purchased by Consul Wibom, who brought several exotic animals to the island, including buffalos and yaks.

By the quay where the Waxholm ferry comes in, you will find a summer convenience store and a cozy summer restaurant, Rånö Källan.

Rånö Gård (the local farm) helps keep the landscape open with its grazing animals. Rånö Gård has been mentioned since the 16th century and was associated with Ålö Gård.

Today, Rånö is a nature reserve, well-preserved thanks to the Archipelago Foundation, which owns and manages the island.

Plan your trip

You can travel to Rånö from Nynäshamn year-round. During the summer, you can also take the North/South line. Search for Rånö in Google’s travel planner below.

Eat, sleep and do on Rånö

You can stay in the holiday village or at the campsite on Rånö. During the summer, you can eat, rent bicycles, and kayaks at the Reception above the ferry quay.

Rånö is a peaceful island with stunning sunsets over the coves on the western side. Visit for more ideas.

The right of public access – an obligation when venturing into nature

In Sweden we have a common law called “The Right of public access”. It is fantastic to have the freedom to roam but it comes with obligations. The existence of the Stockholm Archipelago Trail is solely thanks to the goodwill of all landowners. In nature, we respect all people, all animals, and all protected areas. We leave only footprints behind and we take only memories with us.

Please take whatever garbage you generate back to the mainland where waste management works and is available. On the islands it is expensive and complicated. Please use public toilets or make sure that there is no trace left behind.

From March to September, dogs must always be kept on a leash.

Respect fire bans and absolutely do not light fires on the rocks. They crack.

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