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Average 9.8 km

Grinda offers a variety of experiences. The trail is technical on the northern side, magical views from the eastern tip, beautiful swimming bays, and a lively hotel and restaurant.


Grinda is a section you should not miss!

About the section

Section Grinda is a section full of surprises. Here, you will find a technical, fantastic trail along the northern coast, with the hill at the easternmost point serving as the perfect icing on the cake. This section is ideal for those who seek variety. It challenges you at times and rewards you at others.

Along the SAT, you’ll find beautiful coves for swimming and a few strategically placed benches where you can simply enjoy the surroundings. There are several points where you can return to the Wärdshuset without completing the entire route.

At Grinda Wärdshus, you are greeted by a wonderful atmosphere, professional and friendly service, and delicious food. It’s well worth staying for several days.

How to hike the section?

On Grinda, the Wärdshuset feels like the natural place to start.

When you disembark at Södra Bryggan, you have two options:

  1. Join the Trail Directly: Head left (west) immediately after the pier to join the trail, starting clockwise as we recommend.
  2. Head to Wärdshuset: Follow the gravel road to the Wärdshuset or the cottage area and then start your hike from there.

Regardless of your choice, we recommend walking the trail clockwise.

North of the Wärdshuset, the trail becomes technical along a narrow path after the campsite. When you reach the eastern tip and the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with an incredible view. From the top of the hill and along the southern coast back, the trail is less technical but still has sections that will challenge you. Overall, Grinda is a stage we did not expect to be so good!

The stages Grinda, Svartsö, Sandhamn, and Finnhamn fit very well together.

Trail markings

Follow the trail marked with ribbons and arrows where blue represents the sea, the yellow represents the sun, and a reflecting center line represents the shimmering horizon. This also makes the trail visible in the light of a headlamp.

The marking of the trail is done in one direction, either clockwise or anti-clockwise according to “How to hike the section?”. Where it is obvious where you should walk the marking is sporadic, where it is unclear or at intersections the marking is much closer together. If you do not see a marking continue straight on the path you are on or check out your position in the digital map.

Accessibility on the trail

Grinda offers some possibilities if you have a stroller, limited mobility, or use a wheelchair. From Södra Bryggan to Wärdshuset it is about 1500 meters along a gravel road. Along the way you will pass the holiday village.

Just before reaching Grinda Wärdshus, there’s a nice small sandy beach by the gravel road. At Wärdshuset, you can easily reach the farm on Grinda.

On the left side, just above Grinda Wärdshus, there is a section of the trail on an easy forest road. This path takes you to a lovely bay on the northwestern side of the island with rocky outcrops.

About Grinda

Grinda is a hilly island with forests, cliffs, and fantastic viewpoints.

Grinda has likely been inhabited since the Middle Ages. In 1905, the island was purchased by the first director of the Nobel Foundation, who built a large Art Nouveau villa on the island. Today, this villa is Grinda Wärdshus, offering a restaurant and accommodations. Due to its proximity to the city and good boat connections, Grinda is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Stockholm archipelago.

Grinda Gård helps to maintain the landscape with its grazing animals.

The island is currently a nature reserve, which has helped preserve its natural beauty. It is owned and managed by the Archipelago Foundation.

Plan your trip

You can travel to Grinda from Vaxholm and Värmdö year-round. During the summer, there are also boats departing from central Stockholm. To find all available options, search for “Grinda” in the Google travel planner below.

Eat, sleep, do on Grinda

Grinda offers various accommodation and dining options, as well as a multitude of activities.

Grinda Wärdshus provides different levels of accommodation, including cottages for rent. You can find all information about food, lodging, and activities on their website.

Grinda is known for its welcoming atmosphere. For more ideas, visit Explore Archipelago.

The right of public access – an obligation when venturing into nature

In Sweden we have a common law called “The Right of public access”. It is fantastic to have the freedom to roam but it comes with obligations. The existence of the Stockholm Archipelago Trail is solely thanks to the goodwill of all landowners. In nature, we respect all people, all animals, and all protected areas. We leave only footprints behind and we take only memories with us.

Please take whatever garbage you generate back to the mainland where waste management works and is available. On the islands it is expensive and complicated. Please use public toilets or make sure that there is no trace left behind.

From March to September, dogs must always be kept on a leash.

Respect fire bans and absolutely do not light fires on the rocks. They crack.

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