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Average 11.7 km

A place where you can dream yourself away.


Where you need to be self-sufficient as there is not much service available.


For the adventurous hiker.

About the section

Section Fjärdlång is a detour with great rewards.

During the middle of summer it is a place bustling with boaters, but in spring and after mid-August, you will find solitude.

Here, you can find everything: forests with beautifully winding paths, cliffs to the south with breathtaking views, heights to explore, and open spaces. It is a technical hike without being too challenging.

This section suits those who seek variety and are somewhat self-sufficient since there is no service on the island except for a few weeks in the middle of summer.

The sun-warmed cliffs with views to the south will make you dream.

How to hike the section?

The section starts from the public pier where the Waxholms boat comes in.

From there, you have two natural loops you can do. We recommend hiking the entire section counterclockwise.

This means that from the pier, you soon head south on a narrow, windy path mostly on cliffs with great spots to stop. The views are fantastic.

You will eventually reach a gravel road which takes you back past the farm and “Thielska villan”, heading north on a winding path in the forest close to the eastern coast.

After a while, you come to the open pastures in the middle of the island. From there, you can either return to the starting point or continue north and then back along the western side of the island. This route also takes you past the highest point on the island where you have a stunning view for miles.

Fjärdlång is so beautiful!

The sections Utö and Fjärdlång are great together.

Trail marking

Follow the trail marked with ribbons and arrows where blue represents the sea, the yellow represents the sun, and a reflecting center line represents the shimmering horizon. This also makes the trail visible in the light of a headlamp.

The marking of the trail is done in one direction, either clockwise or anti-clockwise according to “How to hike the section?”. Where it is obvious where you should walk the marking is sporadic, where it is unclear or at intersections the marking is much closer together. If you do not see a marking continue straight on the path you are on or check out your position in the digital map.

Accessibility on the trail

On Fjärdlång, there are a few options if you have a stroller, if you have limited mobility or if you are in a wheelchair. From the pier, it is less than a kilometer along a gravel road to “Thielska villan”, which serves as a hostel during the summer.

Beyond that, accessibility is very limited.

About Fjärdlång

Fjärdlång is a hilly island with many natural harbors in Haninge municipality. The island is first mentioned around 1440. During the Russian ravages of 1719, almost the entire island was burned down.

From 1909, the island was owned by bank magnate Ernest Thiel, who had a villa built by Ernst Stenhammar, the same architect who designed Grinda Wärdshus.

Thiel’s villa is now a hostel.

Fjärdlång is a nature reserve and is well-preserved thanks to the Archipelago Foundation which owns and manages large parts of the island. Haninge municipality manages a part of southern Fjärdlång.

Plan your trip

You can travel to Fjärdlång from Utö and Ornö during the summer months with the North/south ferry line. Search for Fjärdlång in Google’s travel planner below.

Eat, sleep and do on Fjärdlång

On Fjärdlång you are on your own.

The hostel is temporarily closed so you need to bring your own food and accommodation. This, in itself provides exciting alternatives.

The right of public access – an obligation when venturing into nature

In Sweden we have a common law called “The Right of public access”. It is fantastic to have the freedom to roam but it comes with obligations. The existence of the Stockholm Archipelago Trail is solely thanks to the goodwill of all landowners. In nature, we respect all people, all animals, and all protected areas. We leave only footprints behind and we take only memories with us.

Please take whatever garbage you generate back to the mainland where waste management works and is available. On the islands it is expensive and complicated. Please use public toilets or make sure that there is no trace left behind.

From March to September, dogs must always be kept on a leash.

Respect fire bans and absolutely do not light fires on the rocks. They crack.

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