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SAT Nåttarö - Step by Step

This is a step by step hiking instruction. Not a fancy description

  • Challenging 10,3 km
  • 4,5 hours walking time
  • 55 positive altitude meters

The ferry quay

When you step off the Waxholm boat on the ferry quay on Nåttarö, all services are right in front of you.

Just 50 meters after the pier, you will find the EXPEDITION on the right side. Here, you check in for your accommodation or rent bikes or kayaks.

On the left side of the gravel road, there is a nice little beach, and if you look a bit further, you see the restauran, which is really good.

If you continue straight ahead on the gravel road, you will reach a 3-way intersection after another 200 meters. The summer grocery store is on the right side.

You will also return here if you walk the entire Stockholm Archipelago Trail (SAT) on Nåttarö, which we recommend you walk clockwise.

The grocery store to Östermarviken

Easy gravel road. 2,2 km.

At the above 3-way intersection, turn left, north, on the gravel road, passing the bodega on the right and the holiday village.

After the holiday village, the gravel road passes through beautiful, sparse pine forest. After 1500 meters, you reach Östermar, the old cabin with origins from the 16th century. Here, you can either continue straight to the bay or turn right, east, onto the trail.


Östermarviken is a very nice place. During the summer, many leisure boats moor here. The area around the bay is worth exploring, with several Russian baking ovens from the 1720s. The hill west of the bay is the highest point on the island, there is a fantastic view and a large stone mound on the top which used to be a signal fire beacon in the past.

In the bay, you will find several fire pits and some nice spots for swimming.

Östermar to Nåttarö Storsand

Moderate terrain with some technical passages on the cliffs. Be careful if it’s wet. A mix of trail, cobblestones, and rock. 1,6 km.

Instead of going down to the bay at Östermar, turn right, east, towards Skarsand. Cross the grassy area between the houses.

Beyond the houses, you will reach a trail that takes you down to Skarsand with a magical view. There are also some nice fire pits here.

The trail continues at the southern end of the bay. Now you come to a technical section on the rocks.

Follow the trail markers. Take your time to see where the trail goes. It’s a sparsly marked section, and it’s better to pick a line where you feel safe rather than going too far in. The trail follows the coastline, and after 400 meters, you reach a cobblestone beach. Follow the markers along the coast southward.

After just a few hundred meters, you reach the northern point of Nåttarö Storsandviken. Here you will find some nice spots. Follow the trail along the bay to the large, beautiful sandy beach.

SAT continues at the southern end of the bay.

Note.If you want to return to the holiday village, there is a forest road back in the middle of the beach, passing Drottninggrottan.

Nåttarö Storsand to Vänsviken

Forest trail. Moderate terrain, a bit hilly. 2,3 km.

From the southern end of Nåttarö Storsand, SAT goes into the forest on a narrow trail. You go slightly uphill in a forest affected by bark beetles. After 250 meters, the trail turns left, up the hill. Here the forest becomes sparse until you reach a large radio mast.

Continue past it down the other side onto the forest road to the left of the hut.

Note. The forest road takes you back to the holiday village.

Walk about 100 meters until SAT turns sharply left, into the forest on a narrow trail that takes you to a power line. Follow it easily downhill until you reach a small shed. SAT goes to the right, onto a forest road along the bay. Here you will find lovely rocks for swimming.

The forest road takes you to the innermost part of the bay, where there is a nice barbecue area.

Note. If you want to return to the holiday village, follow the forest road back from the middle of the bay.

SAT continues at the southern end of the bay.

Vänsviken to the 3-way intersection by the grocery store

Hilly and technical forest trail. Then forest road at the end. 4 km.

From the southern end of Vänsviken, follow SAT into the forest and along the bay for about 100 meters before it turns right into the forest. Up a hill and then down into the forest again before you go up to the highest point. There is a fantastic view about 20 meters after SAT turns about 90 degrees down a rocky outcrop.

This section is technical, and the trail winds a bit in and out and up and down for a few hundred meters before you come down into the forest again. Make sure to keep track of the trail as the terrain is high and steep around you.

When you come down into the forest, there is a section of 600 meters of forest trail before you come out onto a small forest road. Turn right, west.

From here, it’s easy walking.

About 500 meters on the forest road brings you to a gravel road. Turn right, north.

Follow the gravel road 1200 meters until you reach the 3-way intersection by the grocery store. Now you are back where you started.