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SAT Brottö step by step

This is a detailed hiking instruction. Not an elaborated text.

  • Easy 1 km
  • 20 minutes walking time
  • 15 positive altitude meters

The quay on the south coast of Brottö

On Brottö, you disembark from the public ferry on the south coast.

Immediately to the left of the quay, you will find a sign with information about the cultural landscape with a QR code. It is well worth scanning the QR code.

Behind the information sign, there is also a small exhibition.

Walk up the hill on the gravel road. Within 100 meters, you will reach an intersection where the gravel road continues to the right, eastward, through the farmyard.

Follow it and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Notice the lovely stone wall built in the past along the pasture.

The gravel road goes through beautiful forest for another 850 meters, leading to a gate.

On the other side of the gate is Ingmarsö.

On Brottö, the Stockholm Archipelago Trail is not marked.

It is not necessary.

Furthermore, you can use the map to explore other parts of the island and even beyond the gate.